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About Us

About Us

Palmetto Music Therapy Services has been providing high quality Music Therapy services in the greater Charleston, SC area for over 25 years. Our mission is to use therapeutic musical techniques to improve the quality of life for each individual we work with, to create opportunities for each individual’s success, to make a positive difference in each individual’s life, and to help each individual gain their highest potential.

At Palmetto Music Therapy Services, we offer individual services, group services, adapted music lessons, consultations, workshops, in-services, and presentations. To learn more about what we can offer you or your company, email Palmetto's founder, Kim, at

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What is Music Therapy?


As defined by the American Music Therapy Associations (AMTA), "Music therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapy improves the quality of life for persons who are well and meets the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illness.  

Who We Serve

  • Individuals aged 0-100+

  • Individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental Delays, Genetic Disorders, Speech/Language/Visual/Hearing Impairment, Physical Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, and Mental Health Diagnoses

  • Local Schools with Special Education and Emotionally Disabled Classrooms

  • Early Intervention Programs

  • Life Skills Programs

  • Rehabilitation Centers and Medical Facilities

  • Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care

How many therapists work for Palmetto?

We currently have 6 MT-BC's on staff!

What We Offer

  • Individual and Group Music Therapy services

  • Adapted music lessons

  • Music Therapy consultations 

I'm interested. How do I get music therapy?

Send us a message so we can set up a free consultation! If you are not local, click on the "find a therapist" tab on to search for a board-certified music therapist near you!

Where can I get more information on music therapy?

Check out the free resources and informational tabs on the American Music Therapy Association's website,

Music Therapy FAQ's

How long are music therapy sessions?

Session lengths range between 30 and 60 minutes depending on need, frequency, and therapist. At Palmetto, our standard sessions are 45 minutes long.

How frequent are music therapy sessions?

Again, this depends on need, but our standard sessions are once per week.

How are music therapy sessions paid for?

Depending on the clients and the setting, our services are paid for privately, through grants, by facilities, with discretionary funds, by fundraisers, or by donations. 


How much do music therapy services cost?

Every practice sets their rates based on location, experience, and expertise. On average, music therapy services are competitively priced with related services, like occupational, physical, and speech therapies.

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